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In this post we are providing you the list of nielit courses. In nielit courses list there are three categories of different courses. First one is digital literacy courses (ACC, BCC, CCC, CCC Plus and ECC), second non formal courses (o level & a level) and Third is nsqf coursesNIELIT provides O Level (Foundation), A Level (Advance Diploma), B Level (MCA equivalent), C Level (M-Tech level). IT literacy courses such as CCC (Course on Computer Concept), BCC (Basic Computer Course) and other such long term and short term course in the non formal sector. 
All guide related with NIELIT (DOEACC) O Level Course, NIELIT A Level Course, CCC etc. NIELIT Syllabus, Previous year papers, Important questions and Video Tutorials for CCC, O-Level and A-Level. 


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Digital Literacy Courses

  1. ACC - Awareness in Computer Concepts
  2. BCC - Basic Computer Course
  3. CCC - Course on Computer Concepts
  4. CCC Plus - Course on Computer Concepts Plus
  5. ECC - Expert Computer Course

Non Formal Courses

  1. O Level
  2. CHM O Level
  3. MAT- O Level
  4. A Level
  5. B Level
  6. C Level

NSQF(National Skills Qualifications Framework) Courses

As of now, 53 Courses of NIELIT have been NSQF aligned.
  • IT : 28
  • Electronics : 25


Courses Aligned with National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) - IT
  1. Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) - Aligned at Level 3
  2. Certificate in Computer Applications, Business Accounting & Multi Lingual DTP - Aligned at Level 4
  3. O level (IT) - Aligned at Level 4
  4. A Level - Aligned at Level 5
  5. Certificate course in CAD using CREO - Aligned at Level 5
  6. Certificate Course in System Administration using Unix - Aligned at Level 6
  7. Certificate Course in System Administration using Linux - Aligned at Level 6
  8. Certified Web Developer - Aligned at Level 3     
  9. Certified System and Networking Specialist - Aligned at Level 4
  10. Certified Data Analyst - Aligned at Level 5  
  11. Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering - Aligned at Level 6 
  12. Certificate Course in ITES BPO, Soft Skills & Communicative English - Aligned at Level 3
  13. Computer Aided Tool Designer - Aligned at Level 4
  14. Certified Cloud Computing Engineer - Aligned at Level 5
  15. Certified Multimedia Developer - Aligned at Level 3
  16. Foundation course in Information Security - Aligned at Level 4
  17. Foundation course in Machine Learning using Python - Aligned at Level 4
  18. Foundation course in Artificial Intelligence Applications - Aligned at Level 4
  19. Foundation course in Block chain Development - Aligned at Level 4
  20. Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Associate "Upskilling" - Aligned at Level 4
  21. Certified Cloud Computing and Virtualization Expert - Aligned at Level 4
  22. Certified Android Apps Developer (Upskilling)- Aligned at Level 4
  23. Cyber Security and Social Media Analyst - Aligned at Level 5
  24. Computer Applications Associate(CAA) - Aligned at Level 4
  25. Certified Office Automation and IT Assistant - Aligned at Level 3
  26. Certified Computer Application Accounting and Publishing Assistant - Aligned at Level 3
  27. Certified Data Entry and Office Assistant (Upskilling) - Aligned at Level 3
  28. IT Application Engineer (B Level - IT) - Aligned at Level 6

> NSQF Electronics

Electronics Courses Aligned with National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF)
  1. Diploma in Installation & Repair of Consumer Electronics Products
  2. Solar-LED Lighting Product (Design and Manufacturing)
  3. Certificate Course on Printed Circuit Board Design ,Analysis and  Manufacturing Techniques
  4. Certified Embedded Software Engineer
  5. IoT Data Analyst
  6. Assembly & Maintenance of Personal Computer
  7. Foundation course in Embedded Application Development
  8. Foundation course in VLSI Design
  9. Foundation course in MATLAB Programming for Digital Signal Processing
  10. Foundation course in Internet of Things(IoT)
  11. Electronic Production Technician
  12. Robotic Programming and Maintenance Technician
  13. Repair and Maintenance Technician (Hospital Equipment)
  14. Repair & Maintenance Assistant (Dental Equipment)
  15. Repair and Maintenance Assistant(X-Ray & Ultrasound Machine)
  16. Repair & Maintenance Assistant (ICCU Equipments)
  17. Computer Hardware Maintenance-Technician(CHM-T O-Level)
  18. Certified Repair & Maintenance Assistant (Power Supply, Inverter & UPS)
  19. Certified Electronic Product Testing Assistant
  20. Certified Industrial Automation Assistant
  21. Certified Installation & Maintenance Assistant (Photocopiers and Printers)
  22. Certified Installation Repair and Maintenance Assistant (Home Appliances)
  23. Certified PC Hardware and Networking Assistant
  24. Certified Repair & Maintenance Technician (Industrial Instrumentation &Automation System)
  25. Certified VLSI Design Engineer

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Course on Computer Concept

Syllabus, Important Questions and more .


( Revision-V ) 

Syllabus, Marks Distribution, previous papers and more .


( Revision-V ) 

Syllabus, Marks Distribution, previous papers and more .

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